You play as Eddie, a young boy helping out his mother with groceries.

Talk to everyone

Exploration is rewarding, and fun.

If you find any glitches/things that aren't supposed to be there, (or don't seem like they should be there) please let me know. 

Give me feedback, I'm not great at Bitsy yet.

Have Fun.


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OMG Awesome game! Great job on the swimming part. This is going to inspire me to make sooooo many games. Again, GREAT job on the swimming part and the scenery. I love the coin idea and the howses from spungbob.


Hi Sam


i love what you did for the mini games! the fish one was the hardest and i restarted so many times! it was hard to get the coin and i even had to come back to it >_<;; but this was great! the snow with the fire mini game was great too!! i love puzzles like that :D just this game is really good!!!!


Oh my god thank you so much! You really are the best. I played all your games the other day and got really inspired! I loved Hell and Night Beach.

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omg thank you so much!! i'm so glad you liked my games :D