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i love so much in this! i love the snow and the little story is interesting :D

i do find it a little weird you made it downloadable instead of just choosing to embed the html option

Sorry, i'm still learning. Thank you so much for the feedback! I'll try and make it better next time. Hey, little question, I'm in the process of making a game, and I've ran out of exits. The exits won't reach out to rooms after room z. Any answers? 

mmm do you mean you cant find them in the room selection window? because after some number the rooms get added in like the center of the other rooms? like the rooms get a bit out of order...  since a friend just made a game that has like over 200 rooms at least and while the editor gets laggy from having that much, the exits still work


Thank you so much! After a little bit of looking, I found my missing rooms.  I've finished my game and posted it.